ev• ery • thing• AB Zero Point in combination with NAVEODTECHDIV collaborated to introduce a new tool for field operators, the TETRA-X. Focused on providing the most practical ease of employment, the TETRA-X is a safe and compact solution designed to solve tactical problems. TETRA-Xisatransmutablechargesystemthatisboth safe and reliable. The system has been developed to allowuserinput,expandingthecapabilitiesofmultiple explosives confined within a single unit. The system, which is safe to initiate, is designed in such a way that users are able to employ charges of various shapes including: flyer plates, contact charges, explosively formed projectiles, linear shapes and strip charges. The system also offers general disruption along with an extensive selection of explosive tools which can be used for breaching a myriad of obstacles- all in real time. Operators using the TETRA-X are given a safe and compact solution as tools included are streamlined into multi-functional packaging. The TETRA-X minimizes overall explosive consumption by increasing efficiency. The device is nonexplosive prior to use which permits it to be shipped safely using standard carrier methods thereby reducing costs associated with overall missions and logistics combined. TRANSMUTABLE CHARGE SYSTEM TETRA-X 10 zeropointusa.com 757.721.6601