LESS WEIGHT + LESS BULK = MORE TRANSPORTABLE Zero Point 2nd Line Tool Kit provides the operator withamid-levelcapability,offeringamorerobusttool set than our 1st line without throwing in the kitchen sink. The 2nd Line gives you beefy access tools you want while still including those delicate tools needed for wire diagnostics ops. The kit includes the Senior Bit Kit as well as the RAID Senior allowing the 2nd line to be used to tackle most scenarios head on without a worry. The 3rd Line is every EOD Operators dream. It encompasses the full set of kit to go up against every scenario from A to Z. The kit simplifies any access problem and enables the EOD Operator to tackle wire diagnostics with ease. The 3rd Line is home to the best of the best access and diagnostic tools available. Rest assured the 3rd Line makes even the most difficult access scenarios a breeze. Believe me, when you’re dealing with the unknown unknowns this is the kit to be pulling from. trans • port • ABL 2nd & 3rd Line EOD Tool Sets 18 zeropointusa.com 757.721.6601