v Operator Critical, the Zero Point Pull-Line Series is designed to handle a vast scope of remote operational procedures. The tactical series has been developed to include a selection of critical components including: custom pouches, attachment devices, a sturdy yet lightweight line with a selection of lengths, an exclusive carabineer-pulley and much more. The Pull-Line Series, like many other Zero Point EOD solutions, is available in three custom configurations to accommodate the Master, Senior, and Basic requirements of EOD operators. Designed to reduce time-on-target and engineered to meet dismounted EOD operational demands for conducting remote pull procedures on suspicious ordnance, the Pull-Line Master includes a comprehensive selection of tools designed for quick attachmentandlimitedexposuretobothoverpressure and fragmentation hazards. The Master kit, which also includes and additional 200’ of Dyneema line and hazard marking system is MOLLE compatible. 20 zeropointusa.com 757.721.6601