Zero Point Explosive Ordnance Disposal product solutions and training aids are Justifiable. As the growing threat of terrorism continues to impact individuals around the globe, Zero Point is at the ready, always innovating to provide cutting-edge solutions for our nation’s defenders. Whether you are a Special Operator or a law enforcement Bomb Squad technician, Zero Point aims to provide safe and effective solutions that empower teams and individuals to complete their missions safely. We understand the legitimate need for high-speed responses, quality equipment, phenomenal service, and how to lighten your load when it is most critical. Whether you are in a training scenario, facing uncertainty, or in theater, our desire is to play a fundamental role in the on-going fight to protect our national security. As a cornerstone of our Ethos and woven into our Organization’s culture, is a commitment to national security extending well beyond the founding of Zero Point through decades of combined military service and patriotic principles. the most capable EOD company in existence