v Building upon an already advanced selection of EOD training devices and product solutions, we are proud to present an exclusive collection of multi-dimensional gear designed for a multitude of applications ranging from professional operational needs to survival and everyday carry essentials. Our “other gear” collection inspires readiness at all levels, empowers you to be unstoppable and encompasses the same compact-lightweight characteristicsthatyouwillfindamongourcustomized high-speed products. From prying and cutting, precision targeting to multi-tools and informational materials, these signature products are designed to complement our already extensive selection of EOD kits. Zero Point is arming you with the devices needed to be indomitable in almost any environment. un • stop OTHER GEAR UNSTOPPABLE ZERO POINT ESSENTIA BLACKOUT CLOTH Quick Deployment-Reduces Light Penetration in Sensitive Situations REF SHEETS Extensive Environmental Facts on the Go BALE HOOK KNIFE New and Improved-Ideal for Remote-Pull Operations TRIPWIRE FEELER Quick Response with the Lightest Touch 30 zeropointusa.com 757.721.6601