un • for • STRATEGIC SUPPORT (S2) Zero Point, Incorporated is an established, stable, proven and growing Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) with technical and operational expertise, contractual experience, past performance, and the corporate infrastructure necessary to proudly execute on behalf of our many customers every single day. Our technical staff with more than 350 years of specialized EOD experience supporting military and government entities has been instrumental in providing current tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) for SOCOM’s National Mission Forces and Combatant Commanders Crisis Response Force (CRF) as well as Training, Exercises, and Evaluations including CBRN Response, EOD procedures, and Electronic Countermeasures and Communication techniques. Likewise we have developed an in-house engineering and rapid prototyping capability that is highly responsive within the ad hoc environment in which our client base resides. We have built an effective organizational structure with efficient management processes to ensure responsiveness to our customers and quality of service to theendusers. ZeroPoint’sapproachtoprogrammanagementandcontinuous quality of service improvement encompasses four key principles: Customer Satisfaction (exceeding expectations), Execution (the art of getting things done), Management by fact (metrics), and Respect for people (cooperation). We implement fact-based decision-making in every aspect of our relationship with the customer. We are committed to doing better each day than we did the day before and enthusiastically seek opportunities to improve at both the individual and organizational levels. 32 zeropointusa.com 757.721.6601 un • for • get