The Titanium Targeting, Acquisition, & Neutralization (TiTAN) System was specifically designed to address the myriad of EOD disruptionrequirementsthattheEODoperator, Unit, and Organization will face within any given environment or situation. Using Zero Point’s military experience both operationally and on the research & development front, we have developed and fielded the most capable, flexible and lightest 12 gauge disruptor. Whether supporting dismounted EOD Operations in Afghanistan, US Special Operations, or Conventional EOD Operations requiring remote robotics, the TiTAN has proven its metal with resounding praise from EOD/Bomb Squad Operators. Most importantly, TiTAN has also proven itself superior against Sophisticated Improvised Explosive Devices (SIED) or Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), where precision aim is critical. The TiTAN provides the most modulartiy of any 12 gauge disruptor. un • match • ABLE Titanium Target Aquisition & Neutralization Disruption System TiTAN 4 757.721.6601