Ethos (n.) “The ‘genius’ of a people, characteristic spirit of a time and place,” 1851 (Palgrave).

Zero Point’s commitment to National Security goes back long before the company was founded in 2006.  As a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, Zero Point’s dedicative, patriotic streak goes back through decades of military service not only by the Principals, but in great part by its employed team.  It is this holistic team that is “The ‘genius’” of the company and the drive for excellence in provided services, process optimization, and in front innovation embodies the culture or the “Characteristic Spirit” though out the team.  There’s no room nor patience for “settling”.

Zero Point’s base foundation having secured roots in all aspects of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) as the highest national level means the company not only has a diversified professional breath of scope such as land, air & water mobility, chemistry, biology, radiography, electronics, radio frequency spectrum, communication, warfare…but having worked through the toughest of environments against the toughest challenges while putting all others above self has engineered what is the mold of Zero Point.  Indefatigable, diversified dedication.

This is what Zero Point offers all customers without reservation and unswerving dedication.

 A nationally and internationally recognized peerless team, with unrealized potential.

 Zero Point EOD Products, Services and Training Solutions

Zero Point offers innovative EOD products, IED training aids, and tactical training solutions designed to identify, diagnose, disable, and dispose of threats in hazardous situations. Each of our Explosive Ordnance Government Systems are manufactured to meet superior quality. All of our products have been developed with safety and effectiveness in mind. Our goal is to provide operators with compact, streamlined solutions designed to solve complex problems. Supporting national security efforts around the world, Zero Point is a demonstrated expert in counterterrorism solutions for our nation’s warfighters.

Zero Point Custom EOD Equipment and Counterterrorism Solutions

Mission-essential equipment is our area of expertise. It is with great enthusiasm that Zero Point is pleased to offer customized configurations engineered specifically for your unique requirements and counterterrorism efforts. Our tactical IED kits, and custom Pull-Line kits have been designed to provide operators with speed, comfort, and versatility in the most intense scenarios in training, in theater, underwater, in the air, or on land. Lightweight modular systems enable operators to maneuver with ease and precision in the most extreme environments. Dynamic targeting and aiming tools have been manufactured to provide multiple functions while offering quick deployment and real-time responses.

Strategic Capabilities

In addition to a premier selection of EOD productsIED kits and counterterrorism training, Zero Point, with a dynamic team of experienced Subject Matter Experts, provides national and global strategic support in the areas of explosive ordnance disposal, combatting weapons of mass destruction, electronic warfare, and IR&D (Independent Research & Development).

Disclaimer: Explosive Ordnance (EOD) operations are inherently dangerous and should only be conducted by qualified EOD technicians

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