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Optimizing Warfighter Capabilities with Zero Point Patents

Optimizing Warfighter Capabilities with Zero Point Patents

April 01, 2024

As logisticians and sustainers, we innovate the critical tools that empower and protect the best fighting force in the world. But combat isn’t solely comprised of tanks, submarines, and drones—it involves real people. And while technology and equipment can always be replaced or upgraded, our combatants—our people—cannot. That’s why Zero Point USA is continuously improving our gear to serve the evolving needs of our military and first responders to be ready and capable for any scenario.

Zero Point’s engineers and product developers have uncovered two latest patents: the TiTAN EOD Disruption System, the world’s most capable disruptor, and the Bumper System, which enhances shot recovery and reduces recoil, allowing it to quickly return to service.

The TiTAN Disruption System

The TiTAN Disruption System elevates Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) to new heights of efficiency and versatility. Designed to confront a broad spectrum of IED challenges, its compatibility with all standard 12 gauge OEM disruption cartridges and its lightweight build facilitate ease of use in diverse operational contexts, from robotics to maritime environments. Endorsed by the Weapon Systems Explosives Safety Review Board (WSESRB) and the Military Technical Assistance Board (MTAB), the TiTAN is a globally acknowledged, multifaceted tool for EOD professionals.

The modular nature of the TiTAN affords custom configurations, ensuring operational demands are met with precision, whether for IED encounters or meticulous disruption tasks. The extreme accuracy of the TiTAN is crucial for ensuring EOD professionals can effectively neutralize evolving threats, protecting lives and critical infrastructure.

“As the battlefield evolves, so does our equipment. Zero Point’s ability lies in recognizing the issue and collaborating to find engineering solutions,” says Michael Lincoln, Chief Mechanical Design Engineer who has been on the Zero Point Team for 14 years. He has developed multiple Zero Point products with the vision of Perry Sasnett and is one of the three names, along with Perry and Joshua Brammer, on our two patents.

“What worked yesterday may not work today— circuits get faster, and devices become more lethal. Nowadays, anyone can Google instructions for homemade explosives; it’s a force multiplier for threats. We used to rely on unwritten codes, but now inexperienced users build deadly devices. Our close relationship with warfighters drives us to neutralize these new threats.”

Click here to watch the TiTAN in action.

The TiTAN Bumper

The TiTAN Bumper is a critical accessory for the TiTAN Disruption System, designed with operational durability and efficiency in mind. Crafted from a proprietary polymer, it protects the TiTAN’s shocktube breech, ensuring that high-impact operations do not compromise its performance. This innovative solution enables operators to precisely align shots without damaging the system’s critical components. The lightweight aluminum Bumper Stop and D-ring are for easy tethering, reducing downrange recoil hazards for the operator.

How These Patents Enable Operational Excellence and Safety

1. Mission Success

The TiTAN Disruption System empowers operators to disrupt threats effectively. Its versatility and modularity enhance success rates with mission support.

2. Personnel Safety

The TiTAN Bumper ensures operators can align shots without compromising the system’s integrity, reducing the down-range recoil hazard of the TiTAN for the operators. In high-pressure scenarios, this protection matters.

3. National Security

Zero Point USA’s commitment to national security is clear. By equipping professionals with cutting-edge tools and continuously improving them, we contribute to a safer world. 

But above all, we don’t achieve these patents for the sake of achieving them— our technology is patented to protect people. This can be better said by Joshua Brammer, Vice President of Product Development, who is well-versed in all organic Zero Point products and has been an intricate part of developing/training for Zero Point products for nine years:

“Our passion runs deep. We hail from the bomb community, driven by a shared purpose: saving lives. Mickey [Michael Lincoln] wouldn’t be here if not for his passion for saving lives. Our mission is to stop the bad guys from winning.” 

Perry, Joshua, and Michael’s collaborative expertise in strategy, product development, and engineering solutions is what inevitably led to the patents being finalized, as three brilliant minds from different backgrounds are able to cross-share real-world military knowledge and their niche insights. This is what sets Zero Point apart from big corporations that operate in a vacuum.

At Zero Point, we recognize that the ‘end-users’ who leverage our products like the TiTAN and its Bumper to achieve mission success are warfighters—real people on the front lines. These are lives we protect, and that’s what truly matters. Contact a Zero Point SME to learn more about how we work together and design engineering solutions.