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Standard TiTAN Disruption System Ti


The ZERO POINT TiTAN 12 gauge disruptor was originally created specifically for the Special Operations community to meet the demands of both general and precision Improvised Explosive Device Disruption (IEDD), and its many operational configurations allow the operator to switch effortlessly between precision aim to general disruption. With a continued demand for both the dismounted warrior and more conventional bomb squads, the TiTAN has kept pace by evolving into a full spectrum disruption system now incorporating a family of auxiliary equipment to increase the systems efficiency and effectiveness. The NEW ZPL-EOD laser made specifically for the TiTAN brings to bear a water-resistant twist to power on/off casing and specially fitted barrel mandrels for all TiTAN configurations making the ZPL-EOD the most accurate, dependable and operator friendly disruptor laser available. The New Bumper and retaining ring allows for operation within any environment without fear of damaging the disruptors breech while also keeping the TiTAN secured to any hardpoint during operations. Additionally, Zero Point has created several NEW employment options for the TiTAN including a universal camera stand adapter, heavy-duty connection clamp, a universal robot rail mount assembly and our newest enhancements making TiTAN underwater threat capable. (Red applies to all the TiTAN systems) The Standard TiTAN System has all the components required for a full 12 gauge disruption compliment capability, both on land and in water.

Category: Systems

(1) Main Barrel

(2) Smooth Bore Extensions

(1) Rifled Bore Extension

(1) Breech Cap

(2) Protective Caps

(1) Bumper System

(1) ZPL-EOD Laser

(2) Disposable Stands

(1) Maintence Kit

(1) Cleaning Kit


Specifications: 12″, 18″, 24″, & 30″ Rifled and Smooth Bore Barrel options 60, 100, & 140 ml water load 1.5 lbs (Dismounted), 3.35 lbs (Fully Configured)

Options: Custom textile, Multi-Loadout Configurable

Future Enhancements: Underwater capable, dearmer, rocket wrench


Textiles for this product are available in the following colors:



Coyote Brown

Ranger Green