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SWAT Bomb Integration Training
SWAT Bomb Integration Training

Tactical Bomb Technician (TBT) Training

This unique hands-on training course creates, installs and reinforces the necessary skills for fully integrating Bomb Technicians into tactical teams. By attending this course both Bomb and Swat professionals will develop key operational interoperability skills to effectively and safely accomplish any high-risk mission presented.

This program focuses on several modules of training, tailored specifically to the students. The first module of training revolves around the skillset of the Bomb Technician, encompassing all aspects of Improvised Explosive Device (IED) identification, bypass and defeat. The second module of training is focused around the assault element. We review blast overpressure, IED identification, call-outs and communication, resulting in a more tactically integrated unit. Lastly, we take all previous modules and perform a large-scale real-world exercise that mesh Swat and Bomb Technicians core operations into one synchronized tactical team.

The tactics, techniques and procedures taught in this training course originate from our instructors’ spanning decades of real-life operational experience. Zero Point’s Swat Bomb Integration course is continuously updating its curriculum by closely working with TBT (Tactical Bomb Technician) professionals and specialized EOD military units from across the country.

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The Swat Bomb Integration module itself would include:

  • Current Case Studies
  • Kit Breakdown
  • Threat Assessment
  • Operation Planning
  • Integration with SWAT
  • Booby Traps
  • IED function and immediate actions
  • Mark and Bypass theory and method
  • Rigging/pull line
  • Disruption, barreled and volumetric
  • Beehive Construction
  • Firing Device(s)
  • MSD calculation and considerations
  • Blast Effects
  • Detonator Diagnostics
  • Switch Diagnostics
  • Hostage handling approach