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What it Means To Be SDVOSB-Certified

What it Means To Be SDVOSB-Certified

April 03, 2024

As our nation’s defenders continuously find ways to create resilient defense solutions, they face evolving threats that endanger mission success—challenges in technology and tactics, resources, and safety. One powerful way to honor their sacrifices is through a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) certification. In this blog, Zero Point explores how SDVOSB certification is not just a business designation but a commitment to the military and first responders who have served our nation.

What is an SDVOSB certification?

SDVOSB (service-disabled veteran-owned small business) certification acknowledges the immense sacrifices made by our veterans. These brave men and women put their lives on the line in service to our country, and SDVOSB status ensures that their entrepreneurial endeavors receive the recognition and support they deserve. The Department of Defense (DoD) actively seeks out small businesses owned and controlled by veterans and service-disabled veterans, aiming to ensure prime and subcontracting opportunities for them. The DoD believes that recognizing veterans’ sacrifices should extend to all levels of government.


To apply for certification as an SDVOSB, a firm must meet the following requirements:

  • The business must be at least 51% owned by one or more service-disabled veterans.
  • The business must be registered as a small business and correspond to at least one North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code with the System for Award Management ( Each business falls into a specific industry category and must meet revenue and employee criteria based on their NAICS code.
  • The business must comply with the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) size standards for small businesses.
  • A service-disabled veteran must lead day-to-day operations and long-term management.
  • In cases of severe disability, a spouse or appointed permanent caregiver can manage the business.

More information is available on SBA’s website.


The Small Business Administration (SBA) plays a pivotal role in the certification process. Business owners create an account on the Veteran Small Business Certification portal, and once certified, their business is listed in the SBA database. SDVOSB certification remains valid for three years, after which recertification is necessary. SDVOSB-certified organizations like Zero Point gain contracts and find meaningful defense solutions, mainly through the (SDVOSB) Procurement Program. This program is intended to assist federal agencies in meeting the government’s statutory goal of awarding SDVOSBs at least 3% of the total value of all prime and subcontract dollars awarded each fiscal year.

SDVOSB-Certification Amplifies Zero Point’s Mission

While self-designation may seem simpler, SDVOSB certification offers more. It ensures integrity and ownership by adhering to strict eligibility criteria, making businesses more marketable and official. More importantly, it demonstrates operational control by service-disabled veterans. By supporting SDVOSBs, we collectively impact our protection of national security, defenders, and their innovation to reach mission success.

The paperwork is the visible part, but the essence lies in integrating this mission into the very fabric of the business. Once certified, Zero Point’s certification went beyond a one-time milestone and became a continuous commitment that enriches our company, team members, and the community we serve.

Every day, being SDVOSB-certified guides our approach to product development and service delivery. We aim to meet and exceed federal contract requirements and expectations by infusing our solutions with a deep understanding of our military’s environments and challenges. Because the government sets aside contracts for us, we can honor the warfighter who has already sacrificed. This is with mission-critical products such as the TiTAN systems innovated by our EOD specialists and SME-driven solutions from team members who have been in the fight and know it.

An SDVOSB-certified company’s tight-knit, collaborative spirit is what connects current and previous defenders to make better decisions that strengthen mission readiness along with their personal growth. Contact a Zero Point subject matter expert for more information.