Zero Point Incorporated Disruptor System Replacement Program Terms and Conditions


The ZP TiTAN DSRP promotion is intended as an offer to Federal, State, and Local Bomb Squads, and other US Law Enforcement Agencies to purchase a ZP TiTAN disruptor system at a deeply discounted price upon receipt and in exchange, from the customer, of another manufacturer’s qualifying disruptor system as a trade-in.


The following terms and conditions apply expressly and uniquely for the purpose of establishing ZP guidelines to implement and execute a limited time TiTAN Disruptor System Replacement Program (DSRP) promotion.  The DSRP terms and conditions are provided in conjunction with ZP’s existing Financial and Product Sales and Warranty terms and conditions, and do not represent a replacement there of.  ZP personnel are available to answer any questions regarding this promotion.

Zero Point Incorporated contact information: (757) 721-6601 or


  •  “ZP” – Zero Point Incorporated (the seller and offeror of the promotion)
  • “Customer” – Federal, State, and Local Bomb Squads, and other US Law Enforcement Agencies
  • “TiTAN” – ZP offer qualified TiTAN Disruptor system (part number ZPTITA105XX)
  •  “Trade-In System” – Customer’s qualified disruptor system to be replaced


1. Purchase Eligibility Criteria (all criteria listed must be met)

a)     Customer must purchase a minimum quantity of one or more ZP TiTAN systems.

b)     Customers must place a valid purchase order (PO) directly to ZP.  No reseller or other agent POs will qualify.

c)     DSRP Offer applies only to purchases within the Continental United States.

d)     Valid customer POs must be received by ZP within the date limitations of the DSRP discount schedule provided herein (see section 4 below).

2. Qualified Trade-In System Criteria (all criteria listed must be met)

a)     The customer’s trade-in system must be another manufacturer’s commercially available disruptor system, inclusive at a minimum of the main barrel and breech.

b)     The customer’s trade-in system is not required to be in working condition.

c)     ZP retains sole right to determine whether the customer’s trade-in system qualifies for the promotional discount.

d)     The customer must follow ZP’s DSRP ordering and replacement process explained below (see section 3).

e)     The customer must be able to show legal ownership of the replacement disruptor system being sent to ZP upon request.

3. Ordering and Replacement Process

a)     Customers are required to contact ZP in advance or at the time of placing a TiTAN order with ZP to provide trade-in system details and begin the ZP registration process.

b)     Upon ZP approval, ZP will provide a Replacement Material Authorization (RMA) document to the customer for authorized approval signature to then be sent back to ZP.

c)     To qualify for the DSRP discount, the customer must provide the signed RMA back to ZP for ZP approval and signature in advance of ZP shipping the customer’s TiTAN order.

d)     The customer must place a valid purchase order with ZP to buy one or more TiTAN Systems.

e)     The completed RMA is retained at ZP, and specifies the trade-in system items and the customer’s purchase order for a TiTAN.  The completed RMA represents an agreement by the customer to give up ownership of the trade-in system to ZP in return for ZP to apply the DSRP promotional discount to the customer’s purchase of a TiTAN.

f)      ZP will send a copy of the completed RMA back to the customer to be included with the customer’s trade-in system shipment to ZP.

g)     The customer ships their trade-in system to ZP.

h)     The customer is responsible for any and all costs associated with shipping the trade-in system to ZP, and retains full title and risk of loss until the trade-in system is received at ZP.

i)       To qualify for the DSRP promotional discount, the customer must ship the trade-in system with the completed RMA to arrive at ZP at any time up to, but no later than, 30 days from the date ZP ships the customer’s TiTAN order to the customer.

j)       Subject to section 3i) above, ZP will ship the customer’s TiTAN order, and invoice the customer for payment in one of the two following methods:

                  i.       If ZP receives and validates the customer’s trade-in system and RMA before shipping the TiTAN order to the customer, ZP will invoice the customer for the promotional discount price of the TiTAN order.

                 ii.       If ZP receives and validates the customer’s the trade-in system and RMA after shipping the TiTAN order to the customer, ZP will invoice the customer for the full undiscounted price of the TiTAN order, and apply the promotional discount as a credit to the customer when the customer’s trade-in system and RMA are received and validated.

k)     The customer’s payment terms with ZP are subject to ZP credit approval.

l)       The DSRP promotion discount will only be applied to the customer’s invoice when the trade-in system and the accompanying RMA are received, reviewed, and validated as complete (trade-in system items must match the accompanying RMA, and must match the RMA retained at ZP). Incomplete trade-in systems received by ZP may (at ZP’s sole discretion) be disqualified from discount eligibility and returned to the customer at the customer’s expense.

4. ZP DSRP Discount Schedule

a)     Subject to the requirements and limitations of ZP’s terms and conditions, each instance of a customer purchased TiTAN and customer provided trade-in system is eligible for a DSRP discount according to the discount schedule shown below.

b)     Discount amount eligibility is determined by the date ZP tangibly receives a valid customer PO (not the PO date shown on the PO).

c)     ZP DSRP discount schedule: 

ZP DSRP Discount Schedule

5. ZP retains the sole right to make changes to any of its terms and conditions at any time without notice.