10 www.zeropointusa.com ZERO POINT PROPRIETARY 757.721.6601 Seating Tool The seating tool is used to seat the black plug into the barrel through the breech when preparing a water shot. The red cap is used to seal the other end of the barrel after water has been added. Zero Point does not recommend poking a hole in the red cap due to a “pin hole” of water reaching the package before the main water column makes contact. Disruptor Maintenance Kit The maintenance kit contains everything to conduct maintenance on the TiTAN Kit. • Wrench and 7/16 socket for removing the Push Lock • Replacement o-rings for the laser • Black & red water load caps (5 pair) • Rezeroing Allen keys for ZPL-EOD laser • Firing Pin checking tool (long Allen key) • Push Lock Fittings that accept shock tube sizes of .085”, .118”, and 155” • Spare Firing Pin and Firing Pin Spring