4 www.zeropointusa.com ZERO POINT PROPRIETARY 757.721.6601 Overview The TiTAN is the lightest, most versatile EOD disruptor available. Specifically developed to meet the varying demands of both general and precision IED disruption, it is capable of utilizing all existing Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) disruption 12 ga rounds. Whether general or precision disruption is required, robot deployed or man carried, on land or at sea, TiTAN is not only the most versatile and capable disruptor system ever created, but the most tested as well. Weapon System Explosives Safety Review Board (WSESRB) and Military Technical Acceptance Board (MTAB) approved. The information in this manual can be used for reference if developing specific tactics or techniques that require technical specifications of equipment included in the kit. Load List ➢ Soft Custom Textile Case with Envelope Pouch ➢ Projectile Pouch ➢ Combat Carry Sleeve ➢ Main Barrel ➢ Breech Cap ➢ Smooth Barrel Extension 6” ➢ Thread Protector Cap ➢ Rifled Extension 6” ➢ Custom Breech Kit o Titanium Breech Assembly o Push Lock Fitting (.085”) o Push Lock Fitting (.118”) o Push Lock Fitting (.155”) o Firing Pin Tool o Nutsetter o Seating Tool o Spare Firing Pin & Firing Spring ➢ Zero Point Laser ➢ Disruptor Maintenance Kit o Bore Snake o Bore Brush, Black Nylon o Bore Brush, Brass o Bore Mop, Cotton o Cleaning Brush, Double Ended o Cleaning, Lubrication, Protectant Cloth, Large o Synthetic Grease, Lube o Anti-Seize, Lube o Needle Nose Plyers o Cleaner Lubricant Protectant (CLP) ➢ Barrel Plug Sets (for water shots) ➢ Lightweight Disruptor Stand ➢ Spanner Wrench ➢ Knockout Rod ➢ Fragmentation Sleeve ➢ Bumper with Stop ➢ Nonel Cutter ➢ TiTAN REF Sheet