5 www.zeropointusa.com ZERO POINT PROPRIETARY 757.721.6601 Specifics Due to the inherent dangers associated with EOD and explosive operations, improper use of this system could result in injury or death. Unsecured disruption shots present a significant rear ejection hazard from the barrel itself; bunker or secure the TiTAN to minimize this hazard. Prior to first use, lubricate and inspect o-rings in the slots of the threaded sections of each TiTAN barrel and smooth bore extensions. Clean and re-lubricate as necessary. All general disruption water shots should only use smooth bore extensions. All precision disruption shots using sabot rounds should use the rifled extension. Reference your individual organizational operating procedures when conducting Improvised Explosive Device Disposal operations. Unless stated otherwise, all of the bits, cutting edges and metal tools are not insulated and will conduct electricity. Improper use of these tools can result in catastrophic events that can lead to the injury or death of personnel. In order to mitigate the danger of accidental conduction, we have treated certain tools with a non-conductive powder coating. Doing this greatly reduces the chance of shorting components or wires, but extreme care should still be taken in case the coating wears thin or chips due to excessive use or wear. Re-insulate tools or replace if excessive wear is observed. Some tools require no explanation and are not mentioned. Note: Pictures are not to scale.