7 www.zeropointusa.com ZERO POINT PROPRIETARY 757.721.6601 Push Lock Breech Plug Assembly This Breech Plug Assembly consists of the Push Lock Shock Tube Adaptor Housing, Push Lock Firing Pin Spring, Push Lock Firing Pin, and Push Lock Fittings that accept shock tube sizes of .085”, .118”, and 155”. Assembly: Insert the Push Lock Firing Pin Spring into the rear of the Push Lock Shock Tube Adapter Housing. Insert the pointed end of the Push Lock Firing Pin through the center of the Push Lock Firing Pin Spring. Select the appropriate Push Lock Fitting and install with the supplied ratchet. Keep the Breech Plug Assembly upright when removing the Push Lock Fitting to prevent loss of the Push Lock Firing Pin and Push Lock Firing Pin Spring. Use: Simply insert shock tube into the lock-ring fitting until it bottoms out. After inserting the shock tube lightly pull back to confirm the teeth of the push lock have engaged the shock tube. If the shock tube can easily be pulled out the push lock needs to be replaced to avoid failure to fire. The fitting will automatically lock the tube in place until manually released. The push lock fitting can be released by depressing the lock ring on the fitting and lightly pulling the expended shock tube. Hundreds of shots can be fired without replacing the push lock fitting. Firing Pin Spring Push Lock Fittings Breech Plug Firing Pin FRAG Sleeve The Fragmentation Reduction Attenuated Gas (FRAG) Sleeve is designed as an insert for the TiTAN Main Barrel to bunker live detonators during render safe operations. Insert the FRAG sleeve into the breech chamber and then insert the detonator into the FRAG sleeve. Ensure both ends of the TiTAN are facing away from personnel as fragmentation may exit either end. Manual procedures are inherently dangerous and should only be performed as a last resort. Consult organizational procedures and doctrine.