8 www.zeropointusa.com ZERO POINT PROPRIETARY 757.721.6601 Disrupter Stand 5.5"x8" These lightweight aluminum plates are included to provide a fast and reliable method of positioning a disruptor in support of EOD actions. Simply place the disruptor through the two plates and rotate the plates to establish a secure point of aim. Bumper and Stop with ring The Bumper System allows the operator to align the shot needed without worrying about possible damage to the breech. The material makeup of the bumper protects the TiTAN’s Breech from any damage that may occur during normal operation. The Bumper Stop is made of aluminum to stop the bumper from compressing into the breech causing a cookie cutter scenario* upon impact. The Bumper Stop also has a extra large d-ring connection, allowing the operator to attach any kind or tension or retardation system they may deem necessary for the job. Ensure Bumper Stop is oriented with the arrow towards target as shown on the Bumper Stop. Bumper Breech Plug Bumper Stop Cookie Cutter Scenario*