Supporting Special Forces Around the World

Strategic Support, EOD Products, and Service at Zero Point

Zero Point is aligned to meet the needs of Special Forces and law enforcement, worldwide. Supporting national security efforts around the globe, we are positioned to offer an extensive selection of Government Systems including EOD tool kits, Access, Diagnostic, and Disablement Solutions, as well as survival training aids. Grounded in real-world experience, technical expertise, and unsurpassed quality, Zero Point is positioned to offer customized EOD products for land, maritime, and air operations. With an extensive background in EOD, EW, and CWMD in asymmetric warfare, Zero Point’s SMEs deliver unrivaled expertise.Zero Point-Global Partnerships.

Zero Point-Global Partnerships

Zero Point Incorporated has partnered with RPT to assist with foreign government entities in the procurement of our world-class EOD equipment and services that will help complete their missions successfully. RPT has developed and optimized dealer and distribution networks in multiple foreign markets in an effort to streamline the procurement efforts of foreign entities within their country. Utilizing these networks, RPT offers sole-source justification for the foreign government entities to help procure required equipment. Along with RPT, Zero Point coordinates the exportation and importation of products in accordance with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), Arms Export Control Act (AECA) controlled products as well as Export Administration Regulations (EAR) to both dealer and distributor networks and directly to foreign government entities. RPT manages the collaborative efforts between Zero Point and foreign dealer/distributor networks or foreign government entities including all sales-related activities, customer prospecting, and marketing programs.

International Sales Contact

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