The Flexray Grid Sets enable the operator to conduct precision targeting of specific components inside a suspected device. The flexible aiming grids easily conform to flat or curved items of interest and are labeled for quick and accurate reference to ensure proper placement of a disruptive tool

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    Flexible and highly durable for transport

    Easy to read for locating specific items during precision aiming

    Simple grid locations

    Point of aim for circuit disruption

    Subject to Change


    1  Four 4”x4” with two Marker Sets

    2 Two 5”x8” and two 4”x4” with one Marker Set

    3  One 7”x10” with one Marker Set

    4 Two 5”x8”

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    Four 4"X4" with two Marker Sets, Two 5"X8" and two 4"X4" with one Marker Set, One 7"X10" with one Marker Set, Two 5"X8"

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