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The word Tetra is a conforming form meaning “four”, and X is short for “explosive”.

The TETRA-X is a unique, multi-purpose, explosive charge assembly that has a wide range of application within each of its four (4) major categories: demolition, disablement, disruption and breaching. Comprised completely of inert materials, it is user assembled and user packed using various types of plastic explosive, C-2 or C-4, e.g..

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    Shape charges

    Explosive Formed projectiles

    Low order capability

    Explosively driven flyer plates

    Contact charges

    Inner components

    Subject to Change


    The Tetra-X is a dynamic kit of tools in a streamlined multi-functional package, giving operators safe, compact options to solve tactical problems. Tetra-x is packed with user supplied explosives and is nonexplosive before use allowing the system to be shipped and carried using standard methods, reducing logistics costs while reducing overall explosives consumption through more efficient use.  This translates to reduced overall mission cost and logistics.

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