The TiTAN is the lightest, most versatile EOD disruptor available. Specifically developed to meet the varying demands of both general and precision IED disruption, it is capable of utilizing all existing OEM disruption 12 ga rounds. Whether general or precision disruption is required, robot deployed or man carried, on land or at sea, TiTAN is not only the most versatile and capable disruptor system ever created, but the most tested as well. WSESRB and Military Technical Acceptance Board (MTAB) approved  kit.

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    3 Configurations to best suite your needs

    The Standard TiTAN System has all the components required for a full 12 gauge disruption compliment capability, to include a 6″ rifled extension. Part # ZPTITA101XX

    The Team TiTAN System incorporates additional hardware in order to support simultaneous disrupter shots for multiple target engagements in any configuration. Part # ZPTITA103XX

    The Operator TiTAN System is a reduced component kit engineered for the individual operator for use during Dismounted or SOF-type EOD operations.  Includes the 12″ main barrel and (1) smooth bore extension as well as all the other necessary accoutrements necessary for disrupter operations.  This increases the overall response effectiveness of any EOD team while reducing the overall cost to the supporting unit or organization. Part # ZPTITA102XX

     Subject to Change


    6Al 4V Titanium Alloy

    Multiple Barrel Configurations

    Fully Tested and Characterized

    Weapon System Explosives Safety Review Board (WSESRB) Certified

    Joint Service Military Technical Acceptance Board (MTAB) Approved

    Electric & Non-Electric, Detonator Bunkering

    Uses L-Tech Approved 12 gauge disruptor rounds

    Download TiTAN O&i Manual   Download TiTAN REF 

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