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 Zero Point, A Trusted Name in Explosive Ordnance Disposal Equipment

Zero Point’s exclusive, explosive ordnance disposal equipment, services, and training solutions are available to authorized Government Agencies including the Military, DOD, Federal Agencies, and State & Local Law Enforcement entities. Our advanced Government Systems, EOD tool kits, and EOD training aids are designed to support national security efforts on land, at sea, and in the air, globally.

 In addition to our survival and carry systems engineered for safe, effective deployment in theater or in training, our Government Systems include DisablementAccess, and Diagnostic product developments provide streamlined solutions to complex issues. Engineered and tested to provide optimal performance, Zero Point product capabilities deliver customized components created to help our nation’s warfighters complete their missions.

Federal, State & Local Law Enforcement Products by Zero Point

Zero Point works with a host of resellers and dealers across the Federal, State and local government & Law Enforcement market place.  If you are interested in purchasing any Zero Point product please feel free to contact Zero Point: direct or select any of the trusted Zero Point resellers and dealers below.