Real-World Results

zero point- engineeringZero Point is exclusively positioned to provide unmatched engineering solutions through an elite team that uniquely combines engineering and operational experience. Our expertise and excellence are leveraged from a national level to the boots on the ground.

Better solutions borne out of operational experience

Systems Engineering

Systems engineering is the technical conscience of every engineering effort. It is the nexus of the programmatic, scientific and, most importantly, warfighter requirements, the place where they are combined into more than the sum of their parts.  It is the means by which bottom up understands the top down. The engineers and scientists are made to understand the warfighter. And the resulting tools, products and systems are made to be truly useful, reliable, producible and affordable.

Hardware Design Systems Engineering 

Hardware design systems engineering is the implementation of complex electro-mechanical products. Specifically, it is creating highly reliable equipment with cost-effective conceptual design and analysis techniques, using prototype support analysis, designing and supporting final test through production realization…on-time and on-budget, of course. It is bringing systems engineering requirements to life, producing world-class useful products that consistently deliver superior results.

Electronics Engineering

Using expertise in analog, digital, and microprocessor based circuitry and system design, we develop the concept, design the circuit, proceed to prototyping and PCB design, and integrate systems. Electronics training is provided with an emphasis on IEDs, critical for all EOD operators involved with both operational procedures and intelligence gathering.

Experimental Science

We investigate new applications and methods utilizing refined physical experiments that demonstrate and validate conceptual and developmental innovations. New technology systems are proposed and developed, and commercial off-the-shelf systems are characterized and field validated for use in the field.

Independent Research & Development

To maximize success, Zero Point has implemented management processes that ensure oversight of IR&D investments and connecting spending to real-world business results. These new product development processes demand an upfront, organizational approach in addition to a close alignment between the company’s strategic planning, technology planning, product research and product development.

Unsurpassed-value solutions for the warfighter