Tailored approach to provide the most efficient & practical results

Services Preamble: Zero Point is a preeminent provider of Subject Matter Expertise in Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), Combatting Weapons of Mass Destruction (CWMD), and Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) engineering.  Our cadre of nationally recognized experts consists of disciplined problem solvers with exemplary professional reputations and a long history of applying hard won, firsthand experience to solving real world problems.

Zero Point has extensive operational, engineering, and programmatic experience, delivering exceptional solutions in the most challenging areas of EOD, Security, and Special Operations.

We provide full-time contractor support from any of our facilities or by embedding our Subject Matter Experts with the customer, and we can provide short-term surge support to assist with adhoc or special project requirements

Providing hard-won expertise to help solve the most difficult problems.

EOD Strategic Support and Systems Analysis:

Uniquely qualified to conduct technology assessments of RCIED, ECM, CP, and EOD systems in support of RDT&E, and assist customers in prediction of system effectiveness through quantifiable risk assessments.  We support development assessments and testing of SOF EOD software and hardware solutions to enable integration and compatibility with ECM/RCIED systems and routinely provide operational risk assessment for SOF systems utilizing Dept. of Defense Weapons Technical Intelligence (WTI) information.

Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) for IEDs and WMDs

As an integral part of the development of the United States’ ECM capability, our staff is unrivaled in institutional knowledge and current understanding of the development and employment of RCIED electronic countermeasures.

Consulting: technical support and advice to all levels of military, law enforcement, other government organizations or private security.

Training: from EOD operations to force protection for operators, maintainers, organizational staff, or trainers.

Field Service Support: comprehensive analysis, diagnostic and repair service aimed at maintaining sustainable field capability.

Asymmetric Intelligence Analysis

Experienced provider of detailed investigations of threat systems to attain intelligence on threat capabilities, strengths and vulnerabilities. Employing a seasoned understanding of technical and analytical processes to deliver current, relevant and timely mission support.   Our experienced staff conducts in-depth threat assessments and conducts technical analysis of IEDs, ordnance and associated components to scope the client’s problem. We then assist in developing and improving effective counter-measures, identifying threat trends and networks, and predicting future capability enhancements.

Scientific and Engineering Support

Applying advanced electrical and systems engineering principles, theories, and emerging technologies to develop SOF unique material solutions in ECM, EOD, WMD and Counter-RCIED.  Providing engineered software and hardware material solutions to enable communications compatibility between ECM/RCIED systems providing truly useful operator-centric solutions.

C4 Strategic Support

Applying advanced Command, Control, Communications, and Computers (C4) principles to emerging technologies in the development of SOF unique solutions.  We provide technology assessments of DoD ECM and communication systems and integrating solutions into legacy SOF ECM and EOD systems and direct teams of telecommunications technicians to support the integration and fielding of SOF ECM/ communication solutions, to include the fielding of the Advanced Special Communications Mode (ASCM) to CONUS and OCONUS DoD forces.

Telecommunications Analysis and Technical Support

Employing an in-depth understanding of ECM/communications interoperability/compatibility approaches and techniques to assess proposed industry approaches for communications and translate industry capabilities into programmatic strategies and solutions.   Supporting SOF efforts to implement cellular test capabilities and to integrate these capabilities into existing SOF infrastructure.

Market Research and Assessment of Technologies

Utilizing scientific methods to investigate new and emerging CBRN/EOD technologies while developing tradeoff and implementation analyses specific to tactics, techniques and procedures.  Provide on-site coordination and assist in conducting science and operational technical review boards, and provide necessary information for key program personnel to down-select technologies for further development and testing. 

Technology Transition

Experienced in the operational transition of validated CBRN/EOD technologies.  We work closely with end users to support the development of required documentation such as Military Utility Assessments, Transition Plans, and Fielding & Deployment Release.

Government Acquisition Support

Experienced program management and technical expertise to assist in managing cost, schedule, performance and risk throughout the acquisition lifecycle.