Zero Point-Training

Practical Techniques for the Modern Warriors


As a technical services solutions provider Zero Point supports various elements of the SOF mission. Our support to Counter Proliferation SOF EOD Master Training and SOF Advanced Training Programs demonstrates our experience integrating with Special Operations contingency forces. Zero Point’s SMEs are instrumental in providing current tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) for Special Operations Forces and Combatant Commanders. We support a myriad of training exercises, and evaluations including CBRN Response, EOD Procedures, Electronic Countermeasures and Communication techniques.

ZP personnel provide classroom instruction followed by a combination of realistic and practical training, full mission profile drills and exercises that both inform EOD operators and afford them an opportunity to practice tactics, techniques, and procedures.  Our SME’s train Navy EOD operators assigned to CRFs with advance team training in Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), CBRN hazards and detection in an Army SOF environment at CONUS/OCONUS locations as well as the National Laboratories.  Additionally, we here at Zero Point provide Navy EOD SOF support services to assist with ongoing training and evaluation of Special Operations Forces. Our approach ensures proper integration with Army CRF, the development of training curriculum, and operations training.  Practical exercises are executed in order to better prepare EOD personnel servicing as a team to adopt the tactics and techniques needed to counter the IED and CBRN/WMD threat when in support of Army SOF companies.