(1) Main Barrel (2) Smooth Bore Extensions (1) Rifled Bore Extension (1) Breech Cap (2) Protective Caps TiTAN SYSTEM CONTENTS » » Barrel Components (7 Parts) » » Zero Point Lightweight Stand » » Zero Point FRAG Sleeve (2) » » Breech Plug Assembly » » Knock-out Rod & Spanner Wrench Assembly » » Aiming Laser » » Maintenance & Accessory Kit » » TiTAN REF Sheet » » Zero Point Custom Textile Carry Case » » Pelican Case » » Zero Point Custom Combat Carry Sleeves (2) All TiTAN disruptor parts are made with 6-4 titanium aluminum alloy (grade 5). THE MULTI-USE TACTICAL TARGETING SYSTEM (MUTTS) is used by the TiTAN disruptor to aid with precise aim at various heights. This lightweight, modular system can be quickly deployed from the stowed position and configured in a variety of ways depending on terrain or target location. 18.3″x2.9″, 5 lbs. TiTAN MB = 12" Main Barrel, 1.5 lbs (60 mL) TiTAN S = 12" Main Barrel & one 6" Smooth Bore Extension = 18" length, 2.15 lbs (100 mL) TiTAN R = 12" Main Barrel & one 6" Rifled Bore Extension = 18" length, 2.05 lbs TiTAN S2 = 12" Main Barrel & two 6" Smooth Bore Extensions = 24" length, 2.8 lbs (140 mL) TiTAN SR = 12" Main Barrel & one 6" Smooth Bore Extension & one 6" Rifled Bore Extension = 24" length, 2.71 lbs TiTAN S2R = 12" Main Barrel & two 6" Smooth Bore Extensions & one 6" Rifled Bore Extension = 30" length, 3.35 lbs THE FRAGMENTATION REDUCTION ATTENUATED GAS (FRAG) SLEEVE is designed as an insert for the TiTAN when using the disruptor to bunker live detonators during render safe operations or to transport unstable detonators to a safe disposal site. The FRAG Sleeve is designed to absorb the shock of a detonation while protecting the barrel surface from damage. Two included in TiTAN disruption system. More available separately. 4.25″x0.8″ THE TiTAN DISRUPTION SYSTEM comes with all necessary components needed to deploy, maintain and stow the TiTAN disruptor in the field or other tactical environment. 16″x12″x4″, 9 lbs. THE LIGHTEST, MOST VERSATILE EOD DISRUPTOR AVAILABLE. The Titanium Targeting, Acquisition & Neutralization (TiTAN) disruptor was specifically developed to meet the varying demands of both general and precision IED disruption. It is capable of utilizing all existing OEM disruption 12 ga rounds. Whether general or precision disruption is required, robot- deployed or man-carried, on land or at sea, the TiTAN is not only the most adaptable disruptor system ever created, but the most tested as well. Weapon System Explosives Safety Review Board (WSESRB) and Military Technical Acceptance Board (MTAB) approved for field use. Copyright © 2010 by Zero Point, Incorporated All Rights Reserved Zero Point, Incorporated 1763 Princess Anne Rd, Ste 105 Virginia Beach, VA 23456 Office: 757-721-6601 Fax: 757-721-6602 zeropointusa.com Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business in cooperation with L-Tech Enterprises, Inc 509 Texas School Rd Eubank, KY 42567 606.423.9782 DISRUPTION SYSTEM RAPID EOD FACTS REF SHEET TM BARREL COMPONENTS TiTAN DISRUPTION SYSTEM TiTAN CONFIGURATIONS & SPECS FRAG SLEEVE TITAN ACCESSORIES MUTTS TITANIUM TARGETING, ACQUISITION & NEUTRALIZATION TiTAN The TiTAN 100141P1 (main barrel) chamber & bore have been developed based on ANSI/SAAMI Z299.2-1992, 12 gauge 3 ½ inch, & L-TECH round data with Zero Point, Incorporated proprietary modifications.  Specific variations from SAAMI and associated tolerances are proprietary to Zero Point, Incorporated. The Zero Point TiTAN Disruptor is a highly optimized system. Zero Point shall bear no responsibility or liability for damage and/or injury as a result of modification or unapproved use of this system.